Kevin McCullough

So not only did the Democrats author a resolution that called for the terrorists to claim victory on August 31, 2008, not only did they twist arms of lower ranking members to get them on board, now they were willing to spend the money that you and I are sending them by way of our tax bill - to fund the effort to buy congressional members' loyalty to the concept of the terrorists winning.

Am I the only one in America that thinks this is truly, dastardly, diabolically - sick?

Personally I believe I work far too many hours, for not nearly enough money, to be paying the exorbitant amount of taxes - to only have them be used against the safety and welfare of my family.

How do these people sleep at night?

It is one thing to attempt to a have a philosophical position that spouts platitudes about the violence of our world. It's another to be against war as a general principle and long for the day when conflicts can truly be decided by judgment and fair play.

But when we have sinister forces on earth that seek our destruction and we have members of Congress who instead of representing the safety, security, and freedoms of America - decide instead to take our own income and bankroll our future destruction, then somebody, somewhere has to say something!

Fortunately we have a President who will have the judgment to veto this measure. But I am still greatly disturbed by the fact that the "People's House" of those who represent us, are so eager to wave the flag of surrender. They could not telegraph any more precisely how they would like to see us lose, and the terrorists win, than by putting a date on a piece of legislation for total terrorist victory… And they did it before our watching eyes.

It is unwise to believe that 218 congressional members know more about the situation on the ground than the commanders who serve us without political bias or corruption.

It is unsafe to surrender the type of staging ground Iraq would become if we were to leave the terrorists there unmolested and undefeated.

It is un-American to act in the interest of our enemies.

It is unpatriotic (against one’s love for one’s own country) to legislate, campaign in favor of, and bribe representatives to vote for defeat.

And it is unacceptable that Democrats spit on “We The People” in this fashion.