Kevin McCullough

KMC: What is your view to the classic struggle we fight against today in the Global War against terror and particularly in Iraq? Especially in what we are seeing today?

Gov. Romney: With regards to Iraq, we have not managed the conflict following the collapse of Saddam Hussein terribly well. But that being said we shouldn't turn and run out. Doing that would result in a regional conflict that would draw us back in - in a more harmful and frightful way. And so the President is right to add additional troops, to secure Baghdad. We're going to see if that's working in the next several months, and if it is we'll keep at it and if its not we move to plan "B."

The Governor's time was so extremely limited I was not able to probe as to what plan "B" was. What I did perceive is that Romney's team is truly focused, and that a plan "B" does in fact mean - all out victory, not collapse to the enemy.

There will be more opportunity to dig deeper on the issues that we all care about. Had I more time I would have asked about his position on tax reductions, second amendment, educational reform, and yes tort reforms. But these are the three non-negotiables for me. No candidate will be able to secure my vote without these three issues being properly addressed.

Giuliani has addressed them and fallen short on two of the three. McCain has failed marriage miserably. McCain also recently stated that he just didn't get "juiced" talking about the life issue.

It was nice to see Romney not hesitate, try to duck, or shade language to make it mean something other than it does. Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, and Pro-USA in the conflict against terrorists, that's a positive and powerful combination.