Kevin McCullough

The job of these four modern house slaves (and others for all we know) is to "be black" and to publicly cast doubt on Obama's "blackness, ability to win, his true blackness, experience in public office, and once and for all why he's just not black enough."

I believe that this was suddenly why a few weeks back Sharpton began getting all uppity to Obama, "Just because you're our color doesn't mean you’re our kind."

Well THAT was rude...

Or Jackson who all but pledged his undying love for him in his U.S. Senate race can barely bring himself to say, "All my heart leans toward Barack."

Uh, ok - so are you endorsing him? "Well there are many good candidates out there..."

But this last week two prominent African American state senators from South Carolina got gamey on Obama's chances. State Senator Robert Ford went so far as to say, "Every Democratic candidate running on that ticket would lose because he's black and he's at the top of the ticket - we'd lose the House, the Senate and the governors and everything."

He added, "I'm a gambling man, I love Obama, but I'm not going to kill myself."

Well wait a second, the last time I checked no one was asking for self-mutilation were they? And what's with the "he would doom every race on the ticket" speak? I thought this was America; no one can stop you from achieving your dreams, blah, blah, blah...

Ford then clarified by adding that he had been “swayed” by calls from former President Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Hmm, curious minds would like to know what the plantation Master and Mrs. had to say during that little pep talk.

There was also a nasty little development that appears to have swayed Ford's colleague State Senator Darrell Jackson. According to published reports Hillary “bribed”, I mean uh – “purchased”, no wait – “paid for”, nope – “earned” Jackson's "endorsement" for a price tag of $10,000 a month for the next 21 months. (That's $210,000 for those you educated by American Federation of Teachers.)

Interestingly enough no mention of this was disclosed when Ford and Jackson made their announcements of endorsement this week. Further, I'm still very curious why someone who "loves Obama" would begin thinking it would be suicide to vote for him.

The truth is African American voters almost indescribably loved William Jefferson Clinton. They found him to be funny, flawed, and ultimately forgivable. But Hillary is no Bill. Her mean countenance and demeanor are anything but warm, and while she is inestimably safer around interns of the opposite sex than her husband, she is anything but friendly. In fact she comes across in nearly every venue as an exact representation of what she is - cold, strategic, hot tempered, and ultimately unpleasant to be with.

Barack Obama, though I disagree with nearly every policy position he holds, is every bit as strategic as Hillary. He is also a nicer, smiling, individual who for his severely misguided policies appears to love his wife and his beautiful little girls.

Hillary is in a pickle. She knows it.

She is the mean plantation madam who believes the slaves will love her more if she has them punished thrice daily, and she will resort to philosophical lynchings, intellectual rape, and rhetorical beatings to get it done.