Kevin McCullough

Hillary Clinton seems to view black voters the same way plantation owners viewed slaves - they are her property, they will do what she says, and she will make their lives hell-on-earth if she doesn't get her way.

She also knows how to keep the field hands in line - make the house slaves do all the dirty work.

Spread out before her is the entirety of the 2008 campaign for president. Hillary understands all too well that in recent political cycles liberals must have the vote of the poorly informed but overly hyped African American voting majority in order to stand a chance. If the Democrats lose more than roughly 9% of their vote, they are toast.

The problem in this election cycle is that there is a certifiably articulate poster boy for the Democratic Party and he also happens to be black. His name is Barack Obama and he’s running against her in the primary. The problem this presents Hillary as a candidate is far greater than she has let on publicly, though off the record Washington insiders are confessing Hillary's supporters are worried.

Since Hillary is known for her white-knuckle, "I'll pull the switch myself if I have to", maniacal, cut-throat style, she already verges on appearing to the general public as overly dominant; but by having a genuine contender in the race, who happens to also be African American, her patience is really being stretched thin.

So if the Democratic Party, which ironically enough founded the Ku Klux Klan** as tool by which to intimidate blacks into voting Democrat, has in fact become the modern day plantation to black voters, Hillary is without question the plantation madam. On her plantation are the house slaves - Revs Sharpton, Jackson, and most recently South Carolina state senators Robert Ford, and Darrell Jackson.

Every one of these men cheered on Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Jesse Jackson worked tirelessly to help get Obama elected in his home state of Illinois. And as anyone with a functioning brain stem can figure out - of all the recent candidates that the Democrats have put forward for President who happen to be black - Barack Obama leaves them all in the dust by way of credentials, speaking and writing ability, not to mention the fact that he has actually served in elected office. As best we can tell has also never had a love child with someone other than his wife.