Kevin McCullough

He is also a life long supporter of Hezbollah - a terror network with wider reach than Al Qaeda. And last summer when Hezbollah began raining rockets upon Israel, Husainy organized near daily protests in Dearborn and Detroit in support of the Iranian backed terror group. He's also quite the orator his anti-American, anti-Israel stump speech has become a hit in jihad circles everywhere. He is so good at it that was even able to weasel in the actual language of conversion into the prayer he prayed over the Democrats who had gathered. Muslim scholars, upon careful inspection of the language he used have confirmed as much. To paraphrase, he was asking Allah, to allow them to convert or meet their doom.

And of all of the practitioners of faith in America today, out of the millions of people who could offer up prayers to heavens (even if few of them are in fact liberals themselves), the DNC chose HIM?

It wasn't enough that they invited him either. One could easily surmise that if they simply explained that they hadn't "done their homework" the democrats could get by with a paltry little, "well I disagree with him and we'll be more careful next time." But oh no... Geraldine Ferraro a former party nominee for Vice-President and a boatload of others go on talk radio, cable news, etc. to defend the Imam's prayer. One particularly peculiar anecdote emerging from these appearances being that they thought the Imam was being inclusive by citing Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. The former Veep didn't even realize that by including only those four

he was advancing a strict doctrine of Islam.

Yep, laughing, rolling on the floor holding their belly...

Finally this week at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University, on Long Island, New York, five otherwise exceptional young men have their campus jobs stripped for making a parody video on YouTube in which they as the Resident Hall Supervisors of one dorm, donned ski-masks and kidnapped "Pete the rubber ducky" - who as it happened was a campus mascot. Their big crime? The Ski masks and cartoonish Middle Eastern accents!

They clearly aired a disclaimer on the video demonstration indicating that it was but a ruse. But that was not enough to satisfy the shallow headed provost of the school Joseph Shenker. He not only fired them from their posts but has threatened (insert gasps of air here) campus hearings on the matter. Evidently they had crossed the line of "sensitivity," even though none of the schools 8500 students had complained and the vast majority of the campus supports the five boys.

So why the harsh reaction?

Muslim advocacy groups squealing "political correctness" like stuck pigs. C.A.I.R. (who always sides against America and for the terrorists), the American Muslim Alliance, and the Islamic Center of Long Island Westbury all issued "statements" and "press releases" denouncing "prank."

And where were any of these groups when terrorists were beheading journalists, contractors, and service personnel?

Yes, the laughing continues... and it will.

For as long as we tell our culture through our entertainment that taking the wrong side is the right thing, as long as we give terror-supporting radicals places of prominence, and as long as we tolerate feigned outrage at harmless pranks while holding no one accountable for actual atrocity then our enemies will believe that we are weak.

And unfortunately - they may be right!