Kevin McCullough

All one needs to know about CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) is that when they have the opportunity to defend America to terrorists they always fail. And when they have the opportunity to defend terror tactics, personalities, and doctrine vs. America they always succeed.

Let me be even more plain. If CAIR has the chance to take the side of Islam's jihadist doctrine vs. American security and welfare - they always side against America.

In fact the only place where CAIR puts America first is in its name. It's a stupid ploy they believe will sucker us into thinking that they prefer America to radical jihad, but alas their many betrayals and even eagerness to jump to the defense of terrorists, sort of betray their intentions.

They also belly-ache a lot...

And recently they have done so way too much...

CAIR hyperventilates if the president uses the term Islamofacism, but they appear to take deep breaths of satisfaction whenever another western target takes a hit.

Ok, so I confess I've never seen them take "satisfaction" in such activities - but I do notice that such events also coincide with their sudden disappearance from news media. No condemnation of the terror tactics, no renunciation of the terrorists who executed the attack, instead all you hear coming from the CAIR offices is the sound of meadow crickets.

They also end up looking either willfully deceptive, or woefully ignorant.

Remember when the six Imams praised Saddam and Osama, loudly, in the terminal and as they boarded their plane? Remember that they changed seats once on board, chanted to Allah, and asked for seat belt extensions for 180 pound men? Do you also remember how Ibrahim Hooper - from CAIR - reassured all that these six Islamic scholars could never even conceive of terror, much less practice it? Oh yeah, remember how the one who had chanted loudest was shortly discovered to have worked for terror groups, even Osama himself?

Now they wish to make a federal case against Northwest Airlines for 40 Muslims who missed the one hour check in and thus missed their connecting flight home. CAIR wishes to blast the airline as anti-Muslim even though some of the passengers were able to make the flight, and even though Northwest did all they could to put the rest on the next available flight. Nonetheless CAIR's Duwad Walid insists that the airline "has not taken full responsibility."

CAIR threatened legal action against U.S. Airways in the case of the six imams, and they now seem ready to treat Northwest Airlines with the same veiled intimidation. But that's Islam's theology you know - convert or die.