Kevin McCullough

There is a big "no-no" in America today - under no circumstances is a person who engages in homosexuality allowed to be 'pro-choice.' It is of the utmost threat to the elite radicals that are guiding the homosexual agenda, and it is the fundamental issue on which the rest of the entire house of cards is built. One person engaging in homosexuality suddenly making a decision to choose - and the total lie is unwrapped - warts and all.

It is this fundamental view of homosexual activity that the activists must keep alive in order to stake the rest of their claims as to the need for "rights, fairness, and non-discrimination."

For this reason, Rosie O'Donnell must take it upon herself, to behave in a way that in a sense serves as partisan whip for the radical elite. Rosie has gotten so sensitive about the issue of choice, that she actually is now going on rampage's spouting rants and tirades against people for being homophobic - when no evidence of homophobia even exists, and in one case Rosie even attempted to "out" someone who has never indicated any public demonstration of homosexuality. But that didn't stop the mafia queen from going ugly on national television.

In Rosie's mind she is in fact a slave - without choice. She is facing an increasingly depressive scene in which what she sees to be true all around her - somehow does not apply for her. In the realization of such a world's existence it becomes necessary for her to defend her condition, her compulsion; her believed "state of being." And that is the truly sinister part...

In order for homosexual activists to make the case for special rights to be made for them as some sort of minority legal protection status, they must first convince the world that when it comes to their actions of engaging in homosexual behavior - they are compelled to do so. This is also a common belief amongst liberals when it comes to sexual behavior in general. There is no such thing as brake with liberals when it comes to sex, only a gas pedal.