Kevin McCullough

Liberals have been clucking non-stop since election night at the prospects of what Democrat victory means to their radical causes. In first recruiting, then funding, faith-friendly, conservative, and in a couple of instances even born-again candidates -- the Democrat party captured needed numbers to swipe leadership posts.

The strategy proved extremely effective. Nancy Pelosi will bring San Fran values to the Beltway debate, and Kennedy, Kerry, and Clinton will clamor to be first in line.

But how did she get there? In many instances - by taking advantage of terrible Republicans - and their own criminal wrong doing. But the main strategy was to convince a needed one-fourth of the electorate that the Democrat option on the ballot was not much different than the Republican option. Winning enough of the seats to take control of both houses, Pelosi is free to assign every committee chairmanship in the House, as is Reid in the Senate - to the most disgusting and vile liberal creatures imaginable.

The strategy was so sound it was as though they had taken the ideas right out of my book: MuscleHead Revolution: Overturning Liberalism with Commonsense Thinking or at the very least from the scrap notes of Karl Rove.

Look at how the candidates described themselves: "pro-marriage", "pro-life", "pro-gun", "born-again Christian", "pro-business", "anti-tax,” and in one case "former member of the Reagan administration."

And understand this clearly, it wasn't important that any of them demonstrate these beliefs - merely campaign on them. And in doing so,they campaigned only enough to make the point that in pulling the lever for them - the "common sense" voter wouldn't lose on certain, and vitally important "values" issues.

They invoked Jesus, God, the Bible, marriage, and faith in decibel and volume that would have earned Soros-sized scorn, and Kos-site mockery - were the party to actually let them demonstrate any of it.

But in doing so, they tricked the masses into believing that their positions on such matters would stand as strong as the true-believers that some of them displaced.

So what of it...

In January Speaker-Elect Pelosi will remind Heath Shuler that while he could throw a somewhat average NFL pass back in the day, that on her team - she's the coordinator of offense and he'll only be throwing on her direction.

One of my listeners described this situation perfectly this week calling the freshman class - the Crash Dummies.