Kevin McCullough

John Kerry hasn't tucked tail and run this fast since his third "purple heart" in Vietnam. Then he wanted to get out of the free fire of the Viet Cong, now he wants out of the free fire of truth and analysis. Nonetheless the world should take note of John Kerry, because this week he has given us all an indisputable truth.

Liberals must lie, deceive, distort, and for lack of better terms - shuck and jive, all the time when it comes to their actual beliefs. They must do so constantly to attempt to trick mainstream Americans as to what they actually believe. They are forced to do this because on occasion, when they forget to hide it, what we see is so dastardly and ugly that we shrink in horror at the reality of their true convictions. (Or the lack thereof...)

It's a scary truth, frightening actually, but indisputable nonetheless.

When John Kerry impugned the intelligence of our forward serving men and women in uniform (most of whom had far better grades than his "D's" at Yale), he spoke from the heart, and he's been doing it for 35 years. And as scripture reminds us, "out of the abundance of the heart, the lips speak."

His presentation with Los Angeles students and his series of non-apologies since revealed plainly for all to see that he only "regretted that his words were misinterpreted."

By who? The stupid men and women in uniform who were offended by the original comments to begin with?

But much of the discussion in this dust-up has overlooked the larger issue exposed by the situation. Kerry has to run around and pretend to support the troops, even though he has dozens of statements on record denigrating them for over a generation. Starting with the throwing overboard of his fellow Vietnam era servicemen, voting against funding our troops in harms way, and in 2005 calling them terrorists in their treatment of women and children, Kerry had a long line of provable contempt for our military before his rather honest admission last week of his belief that they were less than intelligent.

When you examine the election of 2006 though, you see that this trend is nationwide and being practiced everywhere.

In many races for House and Senate seats, the liberals have attempted to hand pick candidates that have a more conservative tone to their message or life story. They have used churches as backdrops.

In the two Senate races featuring legacy candidates, Harold Ford Jr., and Bob Casey Jr. the liberals have claimed a position of being "pro-life," while secretly telling supporters that "they would not legislate" their convictions if sent to Washington.

Does this tactic sound familiar? It should.