Kevin McCullough

Most Americans, minus liberal feminists, were equally outraged at the Amish schoolhouse shootings in which five more innocent lives were snuffed out with bullets to the back of the brain.

Even Scott Petersen will be put to death for the wrongful murder of his wife, and unborn child.

But in Skinner's case there was no punishment, no sentencing, no consequences. And the fault on this point sits with the lawyers and judges involved.  

Liberals fundamentally lack a moral compass. That is why they can harp on a homosexual Congressman for flirting with other men when he is a republican, but when one of their own sodomizes a Congressional page - they merely "censure" him when alive, and call him a "roll model" when he dies.

The judges in the Skinner case could not discern the "humanity" of an innocent child that only wanted to live, over the "choice of convenience" of the woman who pulled the trigger and splattered that child's brains across her car's front seat.

Skinner's attorney asserted that going harder on his client would've put the judicial system into the position to turn, "every expectant mother into a potential criminal." He further argued, "What if she falls under the stairs under suspicious circumstances? What if she gains weight? Or not enough weight? Was she trying to kill her baby?"

Wow, how completely convincing is an argument that equivocates pre-meditation (driving to a secluded spot, loading a gun, and having a story made up) intent to kill (pointing the gun at her stomach) and murder (pulling the trigger) to the amount of weight a woman gains?

The truth is liberals don't care because they lack moral discernment that values innocent human life and can clearly and easily draw a line between moral and immoral actions.

And in my thinking that lack of moral judgement has corrupted nearly everything else they touch.