Kevin McCullough

This week the mouthpiece of the modern feminist movement - Ms. Magazine - demonstrated for the world why the heartbeat of modern feminists is as corrupt, jaded, and evil as that of Charles Carl Roberts - the person who wished to sexually assault and kill ten Amish school girls in Pennsylvania.

And before you begin to hyperventilate, turn purple face, and spray spittle across the room, let me assure you - it's a more than fair comparison.

This coming Tuesday, Ms. Magazine will release its new issue with the cover story, "We Had Abortions (and we're glad we did)." The purpose of the piece according to the editors is to refocus the spotlight of the abortion issue "back on the lives of women." I don't wish to speak on their behalf, but I believe they merely mean all grown women.

The story is intended to gloss over the millions of women who have had negative reactions to the abortion experience in their own life and choose to instead highlight a petition in which 1000+ very misguided women signed a statement affirming their belief that their lives were infinitely improved because they snuffed the life out of the most vulnerable person they personally had ever known - their unborn daughter (or son, or both).

The belief embodied in the magazine's efforts shows to everyone the madness involved in our ever increasingly "morally relevant" culture. It also demonstrates how our society is neither moral nor relevant most of the time. Could there be a worse week to make such an announcement?

To add insult to injury the Ms. Magazine website boasts more than 5000 signatures to the petition. So there you have it 6000 women saying abortion is great vs. millions who dare to disagree. And as a demonstration of total fairness the organization 'Silent No More' which includes the magnificent work of Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) was shunned completely by the editors of Ms. when they asked if they could contribute data on women who reject abortion after experiencing one.

So back to my premise, the modern feminists - as bad as Amish school shooters...

Yes! Absolutely!

But the more interesting question is, "where's the outrage?" And a worthy question it is.