Kevin McCullough

Liberals are always cheering for the wrong people.

Have you ever noticed?

In our war on islamo-facism they ask America to withdraw. When Hugo Chavez smells sulfur at the United Nations, liberal democratic Senators "understand" him (i.e. Tom Harkin). But no one is a liberal's hero the way an adulterer is.

You would think in a world shaped by modern liberal feminists that liberal media types and liberal politicians would be rushing to the aid of the poor wife and kids offering them welfare and state-funded counseling and beating the offending man to within an inch of his life. But not so.

The original love affair with adultery happened with the former President who to this day can not be offered a cigar without a range of comments flooding through people's minds. Yet by comparison William Jefferson Clinton's adultery was a little bland, even unimpressive by the new superhero, extra-marital fornicators of our time.

Who are they? Men who engage in same-gender sexual activities!

This is why Bishop Eugene Robinson of the now nearly defunct Episcopal church is revered by those on the political left. "He was true to himself," they say with almost breathless whisper - as if this act of discovering his belly button was some form of epic courage.

Forget the fact that he has ruined an entire denomination of Christian faith, the fact that he can go home at night and engage in sick sexual perversion makes him a legend amongst the political left.

But now there's a new kid on the scene. Having done all he could to ruin the state of New Jersey - a state he took a solemn oath to protect and serve - the new adulterer that liberals all love is Jim McGreevey. Just in the last week alone he's held hands with Oprah, and shared New Jersey rest area secrets with Matt Lauer.

He's also invoked God's name about three hundred times.

And now he says, "it's all about telling the truth."

But I'd like to know, "since when?"

It wasn't important enough for the Governor to keep his pants zipped after pledging to do so before God and man... with his wife... twice!