Kevin McCullough

CBS 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace was making extra effort just so that he could tell the story of the man who wishes to see Israel wiped off the map. Doesn't going to great lengths to get a steeply anti-Semitic viewpoint on the airwaves of a major television network amount to an anti-Semitic action in and of itself? Mel Gibson may have blamed the world's wars on them, but he wasn't ready to push a button to bring about the second Holocaust. Something that apparently doesn't bother Mr. Wallace.

Nor does Crazy Uncle Mike object when Iran's leader threatens the life of our own President, "We are all free to choose. But please give him this message, sir: Those who refuse to accept an invitation will not have a good ending or fate."

When Drudge reported that Crazy Uncle Mike began babbling about Iran's version of Hitler being misunderstood and actually quite sincere - we all really knew: Crazy Uncle Mike needs to stay retired. By the way, one thing he didn't think was important enough to bring up was the whole, "how come there are Iranian bodies in the piles of ever increasing dead Hezbollah fighters?"

The diligent left has scored a win. Convincing voters that protecting America is an evil thing is not easily done. Stupid things said by unthinking security officials don't help the matter. And when all else fails, there's another in the long line of CBS "news" men giving the other side all the camera time they'd like.

And unfortunately the London terror plot foiled, it won't be weeks but days, if not hours, before they are at it again.

"War on terror? What war on terror, I don't see any war on terror..."

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