Kevin McCullough

In the chapter entitled, "All Men Are Created Equal - Except to Liberals," I spend several pages pointing out how it was the party of Barack Obama who took the rights of African Americans away from them. It was Barack Obama's party who according to the Congressional Record began the Ku Klux Klan, lynching of blacks, and intimidation to keep them from voting. It was the party of Barack Obama who in fact sought to remove the black man's right to vote following nearly a generation of freedom following the conclusion of the civil war.

By contrast it was the Republican Party that fought for the freedoms of blacks in Congress following the conclusion of the Civil War. State chapters of the Republican Party were started by blacks in most southern states. The first black congressional members, some of whom had been former slaves only months previous, were all Republican. Under Republican initiatives between 1875-1893 blacks had full and equal rights in every way following the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

But it was the Democrats who took these rights away in the early 1900's.

From 1896 to the early 1960's nearly every party platform the Republicans voted in had specific language banning all forms of lynching, and Klan violence. The Democrats have never mentioned the lynching started by their party in any party platform to this very day.

And in 1965 it was the Democrats who fought to get a "sunset provision" added to the Voting Rights Act; meaning that Democrats only wanted blacks to have the right to vote for a certain period of time. If they had truly believed that blacks were equal - fully equal - they should have never included such a provision.

This is part of what makes Barack Obama's willful misleading of the attendees to the NAACP so laughable, so sinister, and so evil. President Bush campaigned on the guarantee of renewing the Voting Rights Act, he argued to make it a permanent extension. And when the Congress passes it, he has promised to sign it into law.

Instead of implying otherwise Barack Obama should be in the Senate helping for the completion of the legislation and pushing for final vote. And instead of lying to proud African- Americans he should apologize for grotesque and unequal history his own party has exercised against people who have much darker skin than his milato hew.

And while he's at it - would Senator Obama be able to cough up an explanation for his willingness to assist in fundraising for former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan - Robert Byrd?

It appears to me there is someone bamboozling black people, but his name is not George W. Bush.