Kevin McCullough

Senator Barack Obama misled African-Americans gathered for this week’s NAACP convention. He told a fib. He purposefully knew the truth yet decided for the gain of the political moment decided to lead astray the minds of those in attendance. What's scary is - he's so masterful at it.

The junior Senator from Illinois has achieved relative "rock star" status since his charismatic presentation at the Democratic convention in 2004. I have been predicting for three years now that Obama will most likely be part of the presidential ticket in 2008. He's got everything that democrats look for in a candidate, looks, charm, and the uncanny ability to distort truth like few have seen since William Jefferson Clinton. In fact Obama may be better at it than Clinton.

But as to his recent deception with the NAACP, he spoke with the typical charismatic demeanor he's become known for when he let loose, "Don't be bamboozled. Don't buy into it... It's great if he (President Bush) commits to signing it (the extension of the Voting Rights Act), but what is critical is the follow-through. You don't just talk the talk, but you also walk the walk."

His lie by implication is that there is at least an outside chance that President Bush would not sign the legislation (passed without amendments) the very minute it hits his desk.

But it is a lie that plays well in America's liberal black communities. It is also one of several. High profile African-Americans have been saying such non-sense since Bush first ran for office in 2000. It was this very same NAACP that ran a campaign ad that implied that Bush played a hand in the dragging death of James Byrd. It was this same NAACP's literature that spread the wildly false rumor in 2000 that Bush wanted to secretly install the death penalty for all young black offenders in the criminal justice system. It was the NAACP's Julian Bond who called the Bush administration the equivalent of the Taliban. And now it was Senator Barack Obama who implied that Bush wanted to take away the right of black people to cast a vote.


In my upcoming book, MUSCLEHEAD REVOLUTION, I spend considerable real estate delving into the history of the conservative and liberal parties and their association with race and equality. I draw upon the evidence of considerable historical documentation that should be the scorn of every race-baiter - especially if they belong to the Democratic Party.