Kevin McCullough

If any criminal conviction comes out of the matter, and it is looking less likely that there will be, it will be because Scooter Libby might not have said the right thing at the right time. But there was no evidence, not one scintilla, that Rove or Cheney did anything other than to casually acknowledge what Robert Novak had already revealed to them.

But typical to form, the single most attention hungry couple in America - and trust me to beat Bill and Hillary in that department is saying something - the Wilson-Plames are now off to civil court to get cold hard cash for the possible "destruction of her career."

Did I miss something? Did Valerie get fired at the CIA? And since she wasn't active or covert - how exactly did any in justice take place?

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame need to be flicked off the shoulder of America like the little gnats that they are. They need to regain a certain amount of personal dignity before speaking ever again. But what is completely sad is that they are so unaware of how silly and foolish they look that they just keep on going.

With the middle east exploding into war, with the U.S. engaged in its most serious fight against tyranny since the great war, wouldn't it be very patriotic of the judge in the civil matter to not just throw the Wilson-Plame suit out - but exile them to Lebanon? At least from that vantage point they could finally see what honorable resolve looks like as Israel does what is necessary to take care of business.

But I doubt we will be so fortunate...