Kevin McCullough

A teacher who already had been found guilty of having sex with a boy who was under the age of 15 said at her sentencing phase of her trial this week, "I was the monster these families think I am." An honest admission from a teacher who had betrayed massive trust of students, parents, family and friends.

That teacher was not Debra LaFave.

This teacher's name was Toni Woods, and late yesterday she was sentenced to four to 20 years in prison for having sex with multiple boys under the age of 15. Woods did try LaFave's trick, though. Her attorneys tried to get the court to believe that her actions were caused by her mental illness and Prozac. The court didn't buy it and gave her the penalty – which on the low end still seems rather light to me. Sex with four children only gets you four years?

Would that the judge and the prosecutors in the LaFave trial could have gotten four years for the monster in that case.

LaFave's story is all the more damning because she makes no admission. Listen to what the "American Woman" says: "No one reported on my bi-polar. The media were so mean." Yeah, babe, cry us a river.

LaFave's joke of a press conference reminded me of a snotty brat that always gets her way. And the problem now is that her press conference was in essence the final say on the matter.