The lying lies a liberal teacher tells

Kevin McCullough

3/14/2006 5:42:55 PM - Kevin McCullough

Sean Allen is a 16-year-old in Aurora, Colo., who couldn't take it anymore. Sitting day after day in Jay Bennish's 10th-grade geography class had become too much.

Though Bennish teaches students to identify which continent Tokyo appears on, and what the climate of India is like compared to Tibet, Bennish had taken it upon himself as the geography teacher to begin teaching his view of political science (a course not presently offered at Allen's Overland High School).

Following the president's State Of The Union address, Bennish boiled up a bit, until he could no longer take it. Marching into his classroom – preceding what was supposed to be a lecture on geography, Bennish opened his remarks thusly:

Deciding he had had enough of Bennish's rubbish, he taped him on his IPod, played the tape – for his parents – who took the matter to the school administration who then put Bennish on paid leave. Yesterday, ignorant students walked out of Overland protesting the teacher's paid leave.

But what did Bush say in the beginning of his State Of The Union addresss? Indulge me ...

And, according to Bennish, this kind of language is directly comparable to Adolph Hitler:

We should all applaud Sean Allen for standing up to a lying liberal teacher. Oh that more young people are steeled with the courage to charge headlong into the battle for all that is true, just and good!

And as for the ignorant kids who pulled the "walk out"?

Come on, its a public school – what they miss can't corrupt them!