Kevin McCullough

I think he's not quite shooting straight with us. I happen to have the audacity to think that some 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq sort of like having their freedom for the first time in 30 years. I also happen to think that seeing girls be allowed to go to school sends shivers up and down Osama's increasingly shrunken spine.

I suppose it is Osama's place to make the offer of truce – he, after all, was the one who authored the fatwa that started this whole mess. But I'm also inclined to think we should hold out for an absolute surrender as opposed to saying, "OK, here's Afghanistan and Iraq for your troubles."

Can we all at least agree that on the very surface it appears that the left in this nation have once and for all been exposed for being the terrorist cheerleaders that they have always been?

What would you like to wager that Dean, Murtha, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest will figure out how to make Osama's offer of truce something that Bush should actually consider? I mean, in their minds Osama can't be any more dishonest than any of them ... and look how well they are able to work together.

Oh, and the one part of Osama's message I actually do put some stock in? His stated desire is to nuke us all to "you know where." He has uttered such visual word pictures before and, on at least one occasion, we got caught flat-footed and left having to pick up body parts of our loved ones in three different states.

Complete surrender or death by choice – these options and nothing less for the terrorists and those who help them.

Hey even though most leftists wouldn't go for it, I think most Americans would agree it has served us well in the past!