Kevin Glass

The video -- taken yesterday afternoon -- begins as civil rights pioneer Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) arrives at #OccupyAtlanta, hoping to express solidarity and articulate his support with some brief remarks. Unfortunately for him, the Congressman is totally unacquainted with the gathering's "rules," which make the US Senate look like a model of brisk efficiency.

4. The Obama Administration's Brutal Friday News Dump, by Guy Benson

Following the CLASS Act's implosion, roughly half of Democrats' illusory Obamacare "deficit savings"go up in smoke.

3. Dick Morris: Obama Will Lose 2012 In A Landslide, by Daniel Doherty

Fox News contributor and political pundit Dick Morris offers some interesting analysis in regards to the 2012 presidential election: Barack Obama will lose in a landslide.

2. Oklahoma Mother Gives Her Life to Save Unborn Child, by Katie Pavlich

An Oklahoma mother, Stacie Crimm, was overjoyed to be pregnant with a child, but during her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with neck and head cancer. Instead of having an abortion or taking medication harmful to her baby, she rejected chemotherapy treatment in order to save her child, instead of herself.

1. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guarded Despite Hurricane, by Elisabeth Meinecke

The dedication and respect shown in this story is the reason why our military is the best in the world. Despite the crazy weather yesterday in Arlington, Va., as a result of Hurricane Irene, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was not forgotten.

Thanks for your attention this year, dear readers, and we hope you'll stay tuned for an exciting 2012!

Kevin Glass

Kevin Glass is Director of Policy and Outreach at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity