Now Republican leaders seem to be getting wise to Mr. Obama’s con-man slick public relations tactics. He will say anything to win his political goals and the shock that much of what he says is simply untrue, but believed, has begun to wear off. Susan Rice was denied Secretary of State. Chuck Hagel has rightly seen real resistance forming to his appointment as Secretary of Defense after a truly disastrous nomination hearing. As importantly, the House is not falling for Mr. Obama’s “end of the world” sequester scare tactics.

No, for the most part the mainstream media (who have abandoned any pretense of acting as a “watchdog” with this President) are not giving the President credit for the very idea of meat-axe sequesters. No, they avoid mentioning that the White House now insists on new taxes even though the fiscal cliff deal included an understanding that new taxes would not be sought by the White House to avoid the sequester. Despite the fact that Republicans, with the help of Mr. Obama’s media protectors, may take some blame they seem willing to hold the line on modestly cutting federal spending even if it lands harder than anyone would want on defense spending or other priorities.

It’s a start. This year will see the beginning of Obamacare’s implementation. Expect the shock of the reality of Obamacare to shift to those who supported it. Unions are already begging for more exceptions. Hours are being cut now at businesses; 14 million seniors will see the Medicare Advantage Program either become disastrously more expensive or collapse; and sooner rather than later at least seven million Americans will lose their employer-based healthcare coverage. Mr. Obama’s “signature issue” may, fittingly, be the very thing that wakes America up to the truth.

Ken Hoagland

Ken Hoagland is the Chairman of Restore America’s Voice.