Ken Hoagland

Posted February 28, 2013

Republican legislators are slowly, slowly uncurling from their fetal positions after the re-election of Barack Obama. The shock is wearing off even though not one strong voice has yet emerged from Washington, D.C. to lead the millions of Americans who are also in shock.

Posted January 29, 2013

All those Americans who hoped that in victory a magnanimous President would move toward reconciliation of a divided people were bitterly disappointed by Barack Obama’s inaugural speech.

Posted February 11, 2010

More than 200 years ago a new idea about the rights of individuals and the rights of government began as a tax protest in Boston Harbor. “No taxation without representation” was the rallying cry that led to the new concept that all government power and authority should derive from the consent of those governed.

Posted October 15, 2008

At the heart of the financial meltdown now bedeviling Americans is a simple and profoundly ignored fact that does not require an advanced degree in economics to understand: Our government spends more than it takes in—a lot more.