Ken Connor

Abortion is a way in which a woman absolves herself of her new identity as a mother. The abortion "choice" represents a philosophy of self-centeredness in which life is viewed as a zero-sum proposition. "If I have my baby, my sense of self will be diminished. I will not realize my full potential. My child will inhibit me from becoming all I can be. It's the baby or me, and I choose me." Deliberate killing, therefore, becomes the final solution for a social problem.

Adoption is a way in which a woman embraces her maternal identity by giving her child the gift of life as well as blessing the child's adoptive parents with the opportunity to become parents. "If I am unable to keep my baby, at least I can provide an alternative in which she can flourish. I will place my baby for adoption. She will be afforded an opportunity I can't offer. She will have parents who love her and provide for her. Just because I can't provide for her doesn't mean my child should die. Someone else can enjoy the privilege of raising and loving this child."

The decision to opt for adoption becomes a win-win-win course of action. The baby wins because her life is preserved and she likely is provided with better options than her biological parents could offer her. The adoptive parents win because they are able to become parents. The biological mom wins because she embraced her identity as mother by finding the best path forward for her child.

The choice to abort and the choice to adopt are not equal, they are worlds apart.

Hopefully the proximity of these two facilities will turn out to be a good thing. Hopefully women who feel trapped and desperate will have the opportunity to learn about the services and support that the Gladney Adoption Center provides. Hopefully the adoption alternative will continue to gain traction as our society continues to recognize that abortion is fundamentally wrong. Hopefully the day will come when our society realizes the horrible toll that abortion has taken on us all, and we will recoil at the notion that we thought it was okay to kill an innocent child in order to make life easier for ourselves.

That day can't come soon enough.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.