Ken Connor

"And now, Fowler will receive ample rewards from that same industry as she peddles her influence in government and exploits her experience with its inner workings to work on that industry's behalf, all of which has been made perfectly legal by the same insular, Versailles-like Washington culture that so lavishly benefits from all of this. It's difficult to find someone who embodies the sleazy, anti-democratic, corporatist revolving door that greases Washington as shamelessly and purely as Liz Fowler."

Greenwold's piece highlights the incestuous relationship between Big Business and Big Government in America. It's the classic "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" arrangement, and it's why the common good is so often sacrificed in favor of the agenda of the moneyed interests.

This is nothing new – it's been happening since the beginning of the Republic. But just because it's been happening since the beginning of America's democratic experiment doesn't mean it has to continue. It's bankrupting the country! The voters do have the power to stop such nonsense, and it starts by penalizing these influence peddlers at the polls.

Until America becomes a nation where politicians are punished for selling themselves to the highest bidder, nothing will stop our country's perilous decline towards complete insolvency. Are there leaders out there who will put the good of the country ahead of the good of the special interests? Are there voters who care enough about the future of this nation to disable the revolving door through which those interests are served?

Only time will tell. Unfortunately, time is running out.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.