Ken Connor

The economy might be on everyone's mind – and every candidate's lips – for now, but once the Republican nominee is chosen and the presidential race begins, the differences between our Commander in Chief and his conservative opponent on social issues will be cast in stark relief. No one has forgotten the President's record on abortion, or his ambivalent response to the California Supreme Court's railroading of the Proposition 8 decision.

You will see a resurgence of these issues in the run up to 2012, and their impact on the outcome of the election will be more significant than anyone might imagine. The President will not be given a free pass, and no Republican will be permitted to get by with any hamfisted "truce" designed to avoid the tough questions. The same individuals who have shaped recent congressional elections through their commitment to a restoration of fiscal discipline and constitutional integrity will fight doubly hard to ensure that the sanctity of life and marriage are upheld.

"Values voters" have not lost their edge or enthusiasm. They have a vision for a virtuous, just, and moral America, they are willing to fight for it, and unlike many of their ideological counterparts, they don't stay home on election day.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.