Ken Connor

Kudos to Mr. Coburn for having the courage to put something substantive forward, even if it only serves to provoke serious discussion. We desperately need to have an honest discussion that goes beyond mere rhetoric and takes a hard look at reality. Calling for the elimination of unwarranted tax loopholes isn't a call for a tax increase; it's a call for the restoration of equity and fairness in the tax code. And pressing for substantive reforms of entitlements isn't a move to starve Granny, it's an attempt to restore integrity and solvency to bankrupt programs that threaten to capsize the Republic. At a time when we are generating red ink by the barrel, every expenditure deserves to be scrutinized; nothing should be exempt.

It's fitting that on the same day Coburn's plan was announced, it was reported that the National Institutes of Health provided funding to a study examining "what effect a gay man's penis size has on his sex life and general well-being." This is the kind of ridiculous and frivolous spending that abounds in Washington, and the kind of thing we can no longer afford to indulge in if we want our nation to survive and thrive into the future.

Thankfully, the American people – unlike their representatives in Washington – still retain a measure of common sense. They don't need a government funded study to tell them what they already know: when it comes to budgets and taxpayer funded expenditures, size matters.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.