Ken Connor

The real number is likely to be much higher, with Planned Parenthood clinics advertising and performing considerably more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions. It isn't just a matter of their cornering the abortion market, though. Planned Parenthood is also a powerful political voice advancing the pro-abortion cause in the U.S. and elsewhere. Their political action arm has raised and spent millions of dollars to get "pro-choice" politicians elected. . . . They have lobbied Congress and state legislatures to protect their funding and to fight any policy that might threaten their abortion empire. In the courts, they have challenged the most basic, common sense legislation, such as right to know laws that defend the rights of women to medical information, and backed barbarities such as partial-birth abortion. They have interfered in the affairs of other countries, pushing them to legalize abortion.

To say that Planned Parenthood is committed to reducing abortions is to go against decades of evidence that shows otherwise.

For the approximately 51% of Americans who define themselves as "pro-life" then, the $100 million in federal funding Planned Parenthood receives each year is, quite literally, blood money. Detractors, of course, will say that this is nonsense, since the Hyde Amendment prevents Planned Parenthood from using any federal funds to pay for abortions. Such a line hardly merits a response, for as we all know, money is fungible. Many Liberals oppose publicly-funded school vouchers, for example, because some parents choose to use those vouchers to send their children to private religious schools. Regardless of whether their individual tax dollars were used in support of these activities, this is condemned by many on the Left as an unconscionable union of church and state. Similarly, gay rights activists recently called for a boycott of Chick-Fil-A restaurants because one of the franchise owners provided catering services for a marriage seminar that promoted an exclusively traditional view of marriage. Was revenue collected from gay customers used to finance the seminar? To the gay community, the question is irrelevant! All that matters is that one Chick-Fil-A restaurant, on one occasion, engaged in conduct that has been interpreted as anti-gay. No further explanation is needed.

(For a more potent example, imagine for a moment that the notorious Westboro Baptist Church received funding through the White House's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for an inner-city soup kitchen. Would it be reasonable or legitimate to ask taxpayers to ignore the repugnant ideology and activities of the church on the assurance that their money is only being used to fund non-controversial portions of the group's work?)

The point is, when it comes to protecting innocent life, there is no room for obfuscation and no room for compromise. For those of us that believe abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent child, Hyde Amendment sophistry holds no book. As concerned as we are about the pathetic fiscal state of American government, we should be doubly-so about its moral bankruptcy. American conservatives expected more from their representatives in Washington.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.