Ken Connor

When put in those terms, Stupak’s argument seems pretty cut and dry. Who, after all, would knowingly encourage women to kill their children as a means of saving a few bucks? Only a monster would do such a thing! A monster, or maybe your congressman? If what Rep. Stupak says is true and the real motive behind the Democrats’ vigorous defense of a woman’s “right” to abortion is economic rather than humanitarian (as they would have us believe), then our society is facing much greater troubles than how best to reform our health care system.

The worldview that would allow one to pursue state-funded abortion as a means of fiscal prudence is about as abominable as that which defended the continuation of slavery for the sake of the cotton, tobacco, and rice industries. Today, as then, persons of power and influence are working to deny basic human rights to a defenseless and politically impotent segment of the population. Unborn children, after all, can’t vote, so there’s no harm in pursuing policies sure to result in their destruction.

Americans would do well to consider the consequences of embracing political leaders who view certain segments of society as disposable. The genocidal horrors of the 20th century tell us all we need to know on that subject. The perverted ethics that justified Hitler’s “Final Solution” are the same as those that allow today’s liberated woman to celebrate her “right” to chemically or mechanically eliminate the parasitical “condition” of pregnancy.

If our society chooses to embrace the notion that the unborn only matter when they are wanted (and affordable), it is only a matter of time before we allow ourselves to be persuaded that the human rights of infants, the disabled, the elderly, the poor, the unproductive, or even the unemployed are similarly mutable. This way of looking at our fellow humans – no matter how cleverly disguised by the rhetoric of “rights” or “dignity” – is evidence of a poisonous and depraved state of mind; it is the very embodiment of St. Augustine’s disordered soul, which rejects the pursuit of God and His Truth in favor of its own perverted priorities and desires.

Thomas Jefferson recognized the critical relationship between liberty and worldview. He and the other Founding Fathers recognized at the very beginning of the American experiment that for the new nation to flourish would require that our people recognize that the source of their liberty is God, not government. We must not, in the name of “affordable health care for all” or any other political enticement, forsake the foundational principle upon which our liberty and our dignity rests.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.