Ken Blackwell

If that’s “discrimination,” it’s the kind millions of lonely and destitute older Americans and unemployed or underpaid workers would love to be subjected to. But those of us who have been dealt with true bias know that it is nothing of the sort.

Rather, this harsh rhetoric is part of a escalation of the War on Faith waged by this Administration. The White House is unleashing not only the full force of government but also an all-out intimidation campaign to drive the free exercise of faith from everyday life and the marketplace of ideas and into the confines of churches, mosques and synagogues for one day a week.

This attack campaign has included one of the highest officials in the White House going to the blogosphere to call out Hobby Lobby by name for daring, as a “for-profit corporation,” to assert its First Amendment rights.

>> The reason: the Washington ruling class understands that the exercise of religion as a living, breathing 24/7 reality – as opposed to once-a-week worship – is perhaps the most significant threat to the expansion of government and its spreading control over our lives. Government’s intimidation of competing institutions therefore necessitates an assault on their values as well.

Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters, both represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, have recently won important skirmishes in this ongoing war. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the company’s case (along with Conestoga Wood) and it also granted the Little Sisters protection against the crushing IRS-imposed fines with the grant of an injunction.

But these victories are far from final. The Administration has made it clear that it will use every means at its disposal to prevail over the long haul – including bullying nuns and believing family business owners, both deploying the levers of power housed in the Department of Justice and via its prodigious megaphone.

To preserve our First Freedom, people of faith of all stripes must demonstrate our determination to go to the same lengths. And that starts with blowing the whistle on the topsy-turvy rhetoric of our tormentors in Washington.

Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell, a contributing editor at, is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and the American Civil Rights Union and is on the board of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. He is the co-author of the bestseller The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency, on sale in bookstores everywhere..
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