Ken Blackwell

Gov. Romney offered the same bromides about a Palestinian State that have been put forward by our State Department for twenty three years. The argument goes that once we see a democratic “Palestinian Authority” established that recognizes the State of Israel and accepts Israel’s right to exist, then the U.S. will facilitate the creation of another UN member state on the West Bank of the Jordan River and in Gaza .

The problems with this formulation should be obvious. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was for decades marked as a terrorist group by our same State Department. The effort to re-brand this outfit as a “peace partner” has cost U.S. taxpayers billions. Instead of moving toward democracy and acceptance of Israel , the PLO has moved further away. Now, the PLO is openly aligning itself with the terrorist Hamas group that won control of Gaza in what was claimed to be a free election. How free any election can be among factions that bring their guns into the streets and polling places is an open question. Hamas in Gaza is the local branch of the expansive Muslim Brotherhood. .

Putting conditions on Palestinian Statehood—achieving democracy, giving up terrorism, accepting Israel’s right to exist—will only put a poultice on a festering sore. The PLO cannot be reformed. Neither can Hamas. A Palestinian State would most likely be only another step in the elimination of the Jewish State. It would only serve to formalize Israel ’s encirclement and diplomatic isolation. And another Terroristan in the Mideast is not in Israel ’s interest or in America ’s. To recognize such a terror regime would only strengthen the hand of Al Qaeda. American aid for all such regimes should be suspended.

Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell, a contributing editor at, is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and the American Civil Rights Union and is on the board of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. He is the co-author of the bestseller The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency, on sale in bookstores everywhere..
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