Kellie Fiedorek

For example, a Jewish caterer shouldn’t be forced to serve pork sandwiches at a Christian wedding on Saturday just because the couple asks for them. And a religious photographer shouldn’t be required to use her creative talents to promote the message of an atheist group.

In fact, we at Alliance Defending Freedom supported the right of a California photographer to refuse to photograph our own staff because she disagrees with our views. We supported the right of New Mexico hairstylist Antonio Darden to refuse to cut Gov. Susana Martinez’s hair because she supports marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We simply want the same for Arizona businesses who don’t want to be forced to violate their beliefs either. That’s a far cry from what the bill’s detractors are telling you.

It’s a shame we even need a bill like this in America. But the increasing use of government coercion to threaten and punish its own citizens has made it necessary. Without this bill, attacks on freedom like we’ve seen in New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, Vermont, Kentucky, Hawaii, and other states become real possibilities in Arizona.

While numerous states have had the wisdom to adopt such laws, other states have not had the foresight of Arizona’s legislators and have suffered the consequences. That’s why SB 1062 is good law. If you believe in freedom…oppose discrimination…and you don’t want the government to be able to force you to participate in events or express ideas that violate your beliefs, you should support this bill.

Kellie Fiedorek

Kellie Fiedorek is litigation counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that has defended marriage and religious liberty in courts throughout the U.S.