Katie Pavlich

Throughout Barack Obama's tenure as President of the United States and throughout every major scandal during that time period, nobody important has known anything important about anything...important. Every time a new scandal breaks, the White House comment is "we found out about this through news reports," "we need to wait for all the facts," and of course, "this was just a few low-level employees in X-state or X-city, nobody in Washington was involved."

 Operation Fast and Furious

After it was discovered in early 2011 the Department of Justice [DOJ] had knowingly and willingly trafficked 2500 semi-automatic Ak-47 style rifles, or what President Obama would call "military grade assault rifles," to Mexican drug cartels, DOJ officials in Washington D.C. immediately blamed a "few low-level, rogue ATF agents working in Phoenix." It turned out, not only did senior DOJ officials know about Fast and Furious from the beginning, which started in September 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder received regular memos about the operation. 


In the aftermath of the 9/11 Benghazi terror attack, the entire Obama administration, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Press Secretary Jay Carney and UN Ambassador Susan Rice, all blamed a rogue and irrelevant YouTube video for the violence. After investigation by the House Oversight Committee, a handful of investigative press reports and whistleblower testimony from acting Libyan Ambassador Greg Hicks last week, we now know Clinton knew the 9/11 attack was in fact a terrorist attack on the day it happened.

"At 2 a.m. Secretary of State Clinton called me along with her senior staff were all on the phone and she asked me what was going on and I briefed her on developments. Most of the conversation was about the search for Ambassador Stevens. It was also about what we were going to do with our personnel in Benghazi and I told her that we would need to evacuate," Hicks said. "The only report that our mission made through every channel was that there had been an attack."

Now that the White House and Clinton have been caught in their lie about a YouTube video, they're blaming the "intelligence community" for bad information.

In addition, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed not to know anything about requests for more security at the consulate in Benghazi. Those requests, of course, were handled by the people below her.

Katie Pavlich

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