Katie Pavlich

In order to prepare students, Gunsite trains students to use Cooper’s Color Code, which is somewhat self-explanatory. Each color represents a mindset and it is important to be aware of which one you're in depending on you're environment. For example, in your home, you're most likely to be in White. Yellow may be when you go to a restaurant and sit near a door or easy exit. Orange may be when you see someone paying extra attention to you on a crowded street. You're likely to be in Red after a long walk in a parking garage late at night when you see a man waiting near your car, etc. etc. 

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As I touched on earlier this week, it’s important to train as you would fight. The mental side of the self-defense equation is no different.

“The best kind of fight is one that’s over before the bad guy knows he’s in one,” instructor Ken Tuttle said.

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Katie Pavlich

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