Katie Pavlich

The Arizona Republic editorial board is urging Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill, calling it short sighted, saying it is a “poorly conceived bill that could let health-care insurers drop coverage for autism treatment, postnatal care and some cancer drugs,” adding, “Brewer should turn down Senate Bill 1593, which would take Arizona into uncharted territory in health insurance. The bill would allow out-of-state companies to write health-insurance policies in Arizona.

The goal is worthy: increased competition and choice. But there are too many uncertainties about how this would play out in the real world, including jurisdiction over disputes. This is a proposal to explore at the regional or national level, not as a one-state experiment.”

But insurers aren’t dropping any of the coverage mentioned, the bill simply allows consumers to purchase a plan with coverage they will use and need. Those who don’t need postnatal or autism coverage shouldn’t be mandated to purchase it anyway, and allowing the purchase of plans across state lines gives individuals better options to meet their health care coverage needs. SB 1593 allows for more efficient, affordable and specialized plans instead of a one size fits all option, which has been proven to be inefficient and expensive.

Senate Bill 1593 is sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's desk awaiting signature.

Katie Pavlich

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