Katie Pavlich

In terms of supporting candidates and determining which races the RNC should or should not get involved in, there was an overall consensus that the RNC should avoid primary battles and should frown upon loser candidates, such as Lisa Murkowksi, who ran a third party campaign going into the general election after losing the primary. All RNC candidates also agreed that candidates running for office should sign a pledge that would require them to pay back all funds given to their campaign from the RNC if they were to switch parties or run as a third party candidate after losing a primary.

Tito Munez, better known as “Tito the Builder” during the 2008 election cycle and a tea party leader, asked the RNC candidates what they are going to do to reach out to the Hispanic community, saying he is frustrated with the Republican party for not making an effort to get a conservative message to them, who he says believes in conservative values.

Anuzis responded by saying it is critical to reach out to every community and not to be afraid to do so.

“The conservative values that we share are the same values immigrants who came to America share. Immigrants have come here for a reason and we out to be reaching out,” he said.

The bottom line? Michael Steele is vulnerable and has not raised enough money. Steele took out a $15 million loan after spending the $80 million he had raised prior to the 2010-midterm elections. All candidates running against him believe the RNC needs a new focus and a new chairman with new priorities.

“A fully-funded RNC is the only way that we are going to take back the white house and the United States Senate,” said Wagner. “I look in the mirror and see responsibility.”

Michael Steele has not announced whether he will be running for another term. The next chairman will be elected by 168 RNC committee members in mid-January.

Katie Pavlich

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