Katie Kieffer

Businesses are dividing full-time jobs into part-time jobs to avoid the high costs of Obamacare. Individuals are concerned that the quality of their healthcare will deteriorate. Insurance companies are frantically trying to comply while remaining profitable. And doctors are worried that they will not be able to afford to stay in practice and provide their patients with the same high quality of care. In fact, I recently visited my brother who is a medical student and he expressed great concern over Obamacare’s impact on his ability to care for his future patients.

Blessing: States’ Rights

Health is an amazing blessing that is easy to take for granted. If you are in good health, express your gratitude by taking some action this year at the state level to protect your healthcare in the future.

Voters in Alabama, Wyoming and Montana recently passed ballot initiatives that effectively nullify unconstitutional federal healthcare requirements. More states should follow suit and declare their right to reverse the federal government’s unconstitutional take-over of the healthcare industry. Obamacare is not just a threat to our health, it is a threat to private property rights, religious freedom and free speech.

Challenge: Despair and envy

Socialism thrives in a culture of despair and envy. Politicians prey on constituents, manipulating their distress in the face of job loss, natural disaster or hunger. When people are homeless, due to a hurricane or foreclosure, it is easy for politicians to convince them that “taxing the rich” will create jobs and revamp the economy.

Blessing: Hope and friendship

The facts show that taxing the rich will merely drive the economy into further recession. Compared to the rest of the world, even the poor in this country are rich. And, as a people, we have shown a willingness to freely come together and help each other when disaster strikes. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, tens of thousands of Americans still lack basic necessities—and the federal government has proved itself to be incompetent.

Dumpster diving, 1970s-era gasoline rationing, looting, power outages and riots are not the marks of a thriving free market economy, but of a bloated socialist regime. You and I need to come together, now more than ever, and find ways to become self-reliant. When the next calamity hits, whether it is natural or man-made, we will not be able to rely on the government. We can, however, rely on ourselves. Let us take joy in this knowledge and take actions to become self-reliant and free.

Three, two, one… I am thankful for turkey, pumpkin pie and the freedom to utilize my talents and make my world a better place.

Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer is the author of a new book published by Random House, LET ME BE CLEAR: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials and One Woman’s Case for Hope.” She writes a weekly column for Townhall.com. She also runs KatieKieffer.com.