Katie Gage

Under EFCA, workers would no longer have the right to a secret ballot vote in workplace elections as a card check system would require a public declaration of either support or opposition to having their workplace unionized. Furthermore, workers would have no vote in their own contract negotiations, including the terms for wages, benefits, or workplace conditions, as EFCA would empower government bureaucrats with the ability to mandate contract terms for at least two years.

The fact is that our economy as a whole would feel the impact of this rapid, forced unionization as businesses would collapse under the economic strain and nearly 600,000 jobs would be lost within the first year the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act is enacted.

Labor bosses have wanted to see EFCA become law so that they could see a quick jump in membership leading to increased dues and political power. These dues would have a trickle-up effect, benefitting not just organized labor, but also their supporters on Capitol Hill. Left out in the cold would be workers losing the very rights these same union leaders have pledged to protect: the right to vote, free from intimidation and coercion, and the right to have a say and vote in contact negotiations.

As a result, Big Labor is now negotiating in secret with their political benefactors for their own personal “bailout” which would infuse them with $35 billion in new money over the next decade. They realize now that they have lost the argument with the American people and their only hope is to pressure and intimidate their friends into seeing things their way.

With every political expert in agreement that the issues driving the midterm elections are going to be jobs and spending, Members of Congress should be mindful that passage of EFCA would not only kill jobs for many Americans, but the first jobs lost just might be their own.

Katie Gage

Katie Gage is the executive director of the Workforce Fairness institute.