Katie Favazza

Among Townhall reader blogs, immediate responses to the midterm election and aftermath varied. Some sat down and cried and some joked about developing an anxiety disorder, but even those who cast their first ever Republican ballot in a general election are not totally disheartened. Townhall readers are ready to get to work.

Madeline’s Dad of Where Are My Keys? called the power shift a "double-edged sword," and wrote that “sometimes it's easier to gripe about what isn't getting done when you don't have the power to change things.” Dealing with this will be among the Democrats’ first priorities. He concludes that post with the ‘get to work’ mentality that most Townhall user blogs have in common: “All in all, I'm not upset with the results. It will force my Party to refocus, get on the same page, and bring the base together. It will happen in time for the "real" election in 2008, when we will need the base the most.”

Katie Favazza

Katie Favazza is Assistant Editor of Townhall.com. She blogs at http://katiefavazza.townhall.com

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