Kathryn Lopez

On the day of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan talked on his weekly radio show to a woman who almost aborted her son. The father was uninvolved, and she learned the baby would have Down syndrome. Many children found to have this condition in the womb are aborted, thanks to the good offices of medical science. But the mother on Dolan's show found love and support in the Sisters of Life, a religious order that offers counseling, housing and community for mothers in difficult situations. And she couldn't be happier with her choice, and her child.

If we're going to do better, we're going to have to start listening to one another and advancing toward what is good and just together. We use all kinds of phrases like "social justice," and load them up with ideology that is neither social nor justice. How about taking a few steps back? Seeing what each one of us can do to help civil society flourish? It's the only cure for the despondency and anger so many of us feel about politics and culture. It's the only way out of the desert!

Kathryn Lopez

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, writes a weekly column of conservative political and social commentary for Newspaper Enterprise Association.

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