Kathryn Lopez

Cornyn wanted to see real enforcement safeguards in the bill -- targeting businesses that hire illegal aliens. He wanted, in other words, to be confident there would be some law enforcement in this bill. But his pleas fell on deaf ears.

This deal came just days after Newsweek reported that three of the four suspects who plotted to kill U.S. troops at Fort Dix in New Jersey were in the U.S. illegally. You'd think the president would take the time to address such serious concerns in a serious manner -- especially when they are raised by respected allies like Cornyn. Instead, he announced a plan that met with the approval of pro-amnesty groups, one that could cost the U.S. taxpayer $2.5 trillion in retirement benefits alone, according to the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector. Nice deal if you're not a law-abiding American.

As initial details emerged about the immigration deal, conservatives were demoralized. Readers of my conservative Web site e-mailed me using the "I" word -- impeachment. Most weren't serious; but all were genuinely concerned. When Republicans like George W. Bush, and even the beloved conservative Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, give in to a vast amnesty plan, how much worse could the Democrats be? I hate the immigration issue for many reasons, but most practically because it may have just won the Democrats the presidency in 2008.

Kathryn Lopez

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, writes a weekly column of conservative political and social commentary for Newspaper Enterprise Association.