Kathryn Lopez

Edwards should have been especially careful not to offend religious voters, as just days before the blog controversy exploded, Edwards appeared on "Meet the Press," citing his own religious upbringing to answer questions about gay marriage. Did you meant that Senator Edwards or are you just trying to fool Churchgoers? Good luck with that with your new hires in place. Many voters can Google.

A good campaign would have realized that someone, somewhere, might care that he hired a woman who, in her blogging past-life, referred to the Pope as a "dictator" and described Catholic doctrines with ridiculing sexual imagery.

But other campaigns have got to thank John Edwards - they won't get caught making the same mistake he did. They'll hire people who truly realize the power of the Internet in politics today.

Kathryn Lopez

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, writes a weekly column of conservative political and social commentary for Newspaper Enterprise Association.