Kathleen Parker

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who deserves a more prominent place in the Democratic lineup, seemed to better understand the concept of answering a question.

No, he said, a driver's license is a privilege and illegal immigrants don't get one. How hard was that? Pretty hard, apparently, if you don't want to offend a single Spanish-speaking voter in the U.S.

Hillary also refused to answer candidly when asked if she would release communications between her and then-President Bill Clinton that might illuminate her claims to White House experience. The former president has ordered all records kept under seal until 2012, but Hillary's response suggested that she has no choice in the matter. She can't ask her husband to lift the ban?

In another instance, Russert asked three times whether Hillary would pledge as president to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. Hillary gave three answers that were sort of yes-ish, but that left uncomfortable wiggle room for failure. She pledged "to do everything I can to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb."

Why not just say, "Yes, I pledge"? She can still try diplomatic approaches, including carrots and sticks, as she mentioned, but why not simply say Iran won't get the bomb under her watch?

Getting a straight answer from Hillary is consistently challenging, as other candidates noted -- hence the many "Hillary" references. Their "attacks" weren't only because Hillary leads the pack, but because she's cagey to a fault.

At times, Hillary's relationship to nuance borders on compulsion more than wisdom. If her husband triangulated, she pentagonates. She's been working so many sides for so long that she seems incapable of yes or no.

Hillary can handle the men just fine. What's giving her problems is Hillary.

Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group.
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