Kathleen Parker

Obama may be all that, but he wasn't around for Sputnik. Hillary remembered that teachers came to classrooms and told children: ``The president wants you to learn math, and we believed it. What are we asking our children to do?''

In another time-travel moment, she hearkened back to those wacky missile crisis days when baby boomers played "dive and hide." We avoided that crisis, how? By talking to our enemies. Unlike you-know-who.

Hey, didja know they have farms in New York, y'all? Well, yessiree-Bob, Clinton told the crowd by way of introducing her ag bona fides. And, yes, she did say "y'all," which you don't hear much in Chappaqua.

And South Carolina has soybeans! The straight-A student had done her homework. She knew all about the state she was visiting and managed to weave soybeans into her agenda for more jobs and alternative energy sources.

Hillary also knew some of the most arcane factoids possibly ever delivered on a campaign trail.

Talking about her education agenda, she dropped this nugget: The average college graduate makes $1 million more than the average high school graduate. We get the point. Go to college and you'll make more money than a high school grad. Check.

Trickier was this one: Last year there were more bankruptcies in the U.S. than college graduates. Hmmmm. What could this mean? If you go to college, you will or won't go bankrupt? I'm not sure, since most of my bankrupt friends have Ph.D.s in economics.

Never mind. The crowd didn't care. They loved Hillary and she loved them. Flanked by Miss Benedict College and Miss Allen University, she was missing only the crown that has long been her due.

Her special moment, her once in a lifetime.

Her destiny.

Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group.
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