Karin Agness

3. Address more parochial college issues.

Conservative students should pick issues directly affecting college campuses and work tirelessly on them. While students can add something to the debate on nuclear nonproliferation, international crime and the War in Iraq, most students are obviously not experts on these issues. Students are experts, however, on issues affecting college campuses. Students know how university policies can have impact upon their educational experience. Many conservative students have won arguments on speech codes, university funding of only liberal speakers and proposed new curriculum.

4. Recruit and support conservative candidates at every level.

Who controls how student activity fees are distributed on college campuses? Often, it is a student elected to a position such as Vice President for Organizations. This person decides how much funding the University Democrats and College Republicans receive each year. Among others, student officers often make decisions about office allocation, what clubs to recognize and what speakers to host. Just as students should address university issues, they also should run candidates for these student positions.

5. Take responsibility for a conservative education.

Rather than just complain about the lack of classic conservative books in university curriculum, conservatives should read them on their own time and find others with whom to discuss these books. Students must educate themselves on conservatism to effectively educate others. Ultimately, and as always, conservative success rests on ideas--not slogans.

Karin Agness

Karin Agness is President of the Network of Enlightened Women.
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