Karin Agness

Who would you vote for as the most liberal? How about the match-up between George Soros v. Sean Penn? Al Franken v. Susan Sarandon? Rosie O’Donnell v. Michael Moore?

While I was visiting JMU, the students debated the finalists, enjoying themselves as they recalled the most liberal things these finalists had said or done.

Too often on college campuses it is the liberal activists who are coming up with creative ways to fight for their causes, whether it’s through participating in “Living Wage” sit-ins, putting on The Vagina Monologues or holding “Sex-Fests.” The liberal activists successfully appeal to young students and get them involved in politics early by making it fun.

Conservative activists should learn from the liberal activists on campuses by coming up with creative ways to make points and in turn, attract others. “March Liberal Madness” is a phenomenal example of this because it reminds people of what the left stands for in a humorous way.

Here’s to hoping my “March Liberal Madness” bracket does better than my March Madness bracket.

Karin Agness

Karin Agness is President of the Network of Enlightened Women.
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