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We’ve all but forgiven Governor Huckabee and while the blogs were ablaze with theological discussions the candidates showed great poise when religion was brought up. Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. The feeling among members of the LDS Church is one of “Can you believe it?” with no hint of “Here we go! Woot! Woot!”

“What is this going to do to the Church?”

This is probably the biggest topic of discussion among Mormons. We’re a friendly bunch and we like the limelight but we worry about what happens next.

Many of our leaders are being trained on how to address media questions; how to host press who attend our meetings; and how to answer pertinent questions about our faith to any member of the public. Most Mormons are excited to have the opportunity to explain our faith in detail.

“Are you ready for the attacks?” One prominent blogger asked me. To which I replied: “My great great grandparents were burned out of their home, beaten in the fields of Illinois, and forced to cross the plains in the dead of winter. I think I can handle some irrelevant attacks from the Left.”

Many Mormons are taken back when others assert that we are not a Christian faith. We take much deeper offense however when someone accuses us of being a cult. The former charge is unfortunate and disheartening; the latter smacks of slander and even malice. Like our ancestors before us… we take it all in stride.

“A Prophecy? Eh… Interesting but really, who cares?”

Are you an evangelical Christian? Are you worried that a President Romney will somehow give undue credence to the Mormon faith? Hey… it’s ok to admit it. I don’t begrudge you some concern. I feel the same way about the Dallas Cowboys. Any win by Big D upsets me -- but let’s not go overboard. Some of the same begrudging conspiracy types mentioned above predict a Mormon communist-style theocratic takeover of America based on some obscure supposed prophecies that have never been accepted as Mormon creed – ever.

Here’s what you need to know about Mormons and America. We love it. We think it’s the greatest thing since Christ’s resurrection. The Book of Mormon is replete with passages lauding Columbus, the founding fathers and the incredible potential of the American people. Joseph Smith praised the Constitution on a regular basis. Every prophet since has paid homage to our great country even in the midst of being hunted down by the law for that polygamy thing over an hundred years ago. No takeover, no way, no how. For heaven’s sake, over 35% of all Boy Scout troops are LDS!

Suffice it to say, Mormons are a busy lot. Certainly we’re excited about the prospect of a member of our faith being elected President of the United States but don’t spend our days shilling for Mitt or anxiously anticipating a windfall of converts from a potential Romney win.

In my opinion, if you’re going to worry about Mormons and politics, start with Harry Reid.

Justin Hart

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