Julie Borowski

It wouldn’t just be used to resolve maritime issues like boats accidently wrecking into each other. Radical environmentalists would likely use the ITLOS to file costly international climate change lawsuits against the United States.

Signing LOST is certainly not in the best economic interest of the United States. The text of the U.N. treaty states that, “states shall adopt laws and regulations to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment from or through the atmosphere.” The autonomy of the United States is threatened if we allow our domestic laws to be crafted by an international body that is not accountable to the American people.

LOST could even lead to a back door implementation of another U.N. treaty that the United States has never ratified: the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. This U.N. treaty would require the United States to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent below 1990 levels. Patrick J. Michael of the Cato Institute finds that it would likely reduce the gross domestic product of the United States by 2.3 percent per year while not having a noticeable effect on the global climate.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, the Kyoto Protocol would increase the price of electricity by 86 percent, add $1,740 to the average household’s energy bill, and permanently raise the price of gasoline by 66 cents per gallon. It would inevitably raise the price for basic goods and cause millions of Americans to lose their jobs.

The scientific debate on anthroprogenic global warming continues to rage. We shouldn’t sacrifice our standard of living based on this unsettled issue. Remember that some scientists were warning us about man-made global cooling in the 1970’s. TIME Magazine even ran a cover story on “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age” in April 1977.

Climate change fear-mongering has been going on for decades—let’s not fall for the propaganda so easily.

The U.N. is openly hostile to our national sovereignty and republican form of government. The ratification of LOST would open up a Pandora’s Box of problems. It would impose global taxes and regulations that cripple economic growth while exposing ourselves to high-stakes environmental lawsuits. We need to sink LOST once and for all.

Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a Policy Analyst at FreedomWorks, an organization dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Her writings on economic policy have appeared in numerous newspapers and online outlets. She is on the Board of Advisors for the Coalition to Reduce Spending and she launched an independent YouTube channel called TokenLibertarianGirl in June 2011.

She was previously selected to be a Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow with the Institute for Humane Studies where she worked at the Center for Competitive Politics. Most recently, she was a government affairs associate at Americans for Tax Reform.

Julie has volunteered for political candidates in Kentucky and in her home state of Maryland. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Frostburg State University in May 2010 where she studied political science, economics and international studies. She is now located in Washington, D.C.