Joyce Kaufman

Unfortunately, immigration policy is being used to achieve political ends by cheap labor business lobbies, illegal alien special interests, and political parties dictating the debate for their own benefit. The American worker and American taxpayers are the real stakeholders and their interests come first and their voices must be heard.

Our existing laws must be enforced. The only thing truly “broken” with our immigration system is this administration’s unwillingness to do what Congress intended when they wrote the laws. Speaker Boehner has suggested that he won’t move forward with immigration reform because he believes that this president can’t be trusted to enforce our immigration laws. If the Speaker truly believes this, then the job ahead is quite clear; Boehner and his House of Representatives must immediately compel Obama to start enforcing existing laws and prevent him from further abusing his executive authority.

Finally, let’s give Americans the protection they need, Congress needs to enact an E-Verify bill that would keep illegal aliens from working jobs they have no legal right to.

In short, do what the law says and what the public wants. It’s not too much to ask and we’ll be pressuring our lawmakers to do it while we’re in Washington.

Hear us, fear us, and join us. We’re talk radio -- America’s Electronic Town Hall -- and we’re proud of speaking the truth and holding our public officials accountable for the one basic thing we’ve elected them to do; serving our broad national interests.

Joyce Kaufman

Joyce Kaufman is South Florida's leading conservative radio talk show host. Her show airs weekdays at noon on 850 WFTL. Follow her on Twitter @joyceonair