Jovita Carranza

But given President Obama's disastrous economic policies, I fear my grandchildren and great grandchildren won't have the same opportunities I've had in my life.

Our country deserves better. We can do better. Mitt Romney will deliver better.

Mitt Romney's public- and private-sector experience make him uniquely qualified to address the massive challenges facing our nation right now. He knows firsthand how to create jobs, having overseen the creation of tens of thousands of them, both during his term as governor of Massachusetts, when the state's unemployment rate dropped below 5 percent, and while working at Bain Capital, when the company helped launch or rebuild hundreds of companies.

This election presents a critical choice between two different visions for our nation's future. Its outcome will determine how we will address the challenges we face, whether we continue to follow the failed policies of the past, or whether we embrace a prosperous future. Mitt Romney is the leader small businesses need fighting for us, and that's the reason we must stand with him this November.

Jovita Carranza

Most recently as the founder and president of the JCR Group, Carranza consults corporations and NGO's on creating sustainable growth business models. In her role as Vice -Chair of both the American Cancer Society Corporate Executive Advisory Council and Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia, she has lead to the strengthening of corporate partnerships, increasing the mission and scope of both nonprofit's mission.