Joseph C. Phillips

The absurdity of race continues to rear its ugly head and once again, the succubus appears in Mississippi. The folks in the Magnolia state can’t seem to get it right on race even when they use the liberal racialist play book.

A few weeks ago the Nettleton Middle school in Nettleton, Miss., came under fire when it was discovered that the school was dividing offices on its student council by race. The offices open only to black or white students rotated each year. In addition, the school maintained separate racial titles for its prom and homecoming kings and queens.

The unfortunate information came to light when a young sixth-grade girl decided she wanted to run for class reporter. She was told that the office of reporter was only open to black students, but that she could run for class president, as that office was open to white students. The student in question is of Italian and Native-American parentage, so you can imagine her confusion. In an attempt to gain clarity, the girl’s mother wrote a letter to the school board. According to the mother, she was told that for the purposes of classification, the school goes by the mother’s race because “with minorities the father isn’t generally in the home.”

When the story hit the Internet, the consternation was palpable! The school’s principal, (who, by the way, is black, as is the vice-principal), and the school board office were inundated with phone calls. Within a day, Nettleton superintendant of schools, Russell Taylor, had issued a statement, which read in part, “beginning immediately, student elections at Nettleton School District will no longer have a classification of ethnicity. It is our intent that each student has equal opportunity to seek election for any student office."

This was, as the old saying goes, “much too little, much too late.” The damage was already done.

For many, this was simply the people of Mississippi allowing the red on their necks to show. Here, for the world to see was the true state of race in America! Dumb racists in Mississippi were just the tip of the iceberg! Or so the blogosphere declared.

Of course, what is most distressing about this episode is that the racialists on the left are too busy preening in their righteous indignation to see their own reflection in the Nettleton policy.

As Taylor explains in his statement: “These procedures were implemented to help ensure minority representation and involvement in the student body…" And so they were.

Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips is the author of “He Talk Like A White Boy” available wherever books are sold.